Kids & Families

yoga_girlAt RishmaYoga’s ‘YogaPlay’, Kids grow and develop important life-skills on their path to personal growth and achievement by expanding and enriching their minds and bodies making kids fit physically, emotionally and mentally. Whether it is a dynamic afterschool program, a relaxing private in-home class or a RishmaYoga birthday party full of fun and celebration, children and families who engage in Rishma’s programs are immediately drawn to the positive, peaceful and playful energy of the YogaPlay way!

kids yoga meditating

Since starting her first children’s class in 2004, Rishma has become a highly sought after Kids Yoga and Family Yoga instructor, teaching children in schools, dance studios, community centers, yoga studios and homes. People of all ages thrive off of Rishma’s positive energy and enthusiasm for yoga, delivered with care and compassion. They learn balance, strength, flexibility and the liberating powers of concentration and meditation. Rishma creates a safe and friendly environment for Kids and Families to tap into their highest potential and have fun while strengthening their minds and yoga posingIn 2012 Rishma founded “YogaPlay” which offers a full spectrum of yoga & wellness training programs for Kids and Families. YogaPlay programs offer mind body health and harmony techniques and yoga tools for today’s busy and stressed modern child and parent.