Yoga School Programs


YogaPlay in schools successfully delivers curricula designed to bring together core elements of physical conditioning within the context of mind-body wellbeing. Rishma’s uniquely created YogaPlay program stimulates and motivates kids to learn physical, mental and emotional focus through fitness while having fun learning how to develop healthy and strong minds and bodies. YogaPlay and its teachers create a safe and nurturing environment for kids to engage in this wholesome and complete mind/body fitness activity. Our programs promote positive thinking, mind and body enrichment skills, self-empowerment tools, teamwork skills, creative expression, emotional stability and peace.

School1Whether it is an afterschool program, classroom visit or a Yoga unit for PHED classes, all YogaPlay teachers are dedicated and passionate about teaching children how to incorporate the science of yoga into their fitness schedules and busy day to day lives. Each teacher’s playful enthusiasm is matched by their comprehensive knowledge of Yoga and all of the benefits it offers to the next generation.