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Rishma’s Yoga for Seniors is a gentle, enjoyable yet stimulating activity, which places the utmost care and attention on the safety and wellbeing of each student.

Yoga for seniors is geared toward those who are 65 and over, who may have limited mobility or any number of degenerative conditions.

Yoga for Seniors offers a respite away from the daily physical strains of chronic pain, depression or disease by soothing and refreshing the body and mind through proven yogic techniques which provide numerous physiological, psychological, mental and emotional benefits to practitioners.

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The main goal of Rishma’s Yoga for Seniors is to assist you in improving your quality of life by the use of adapted and modified yoga to increase range of motion, improve strength, enhance balance; to reduce the risk of falls, and add comfort and ease to breathing, living and loving.

Mindfulness training modified chair yoga and meditation will all contribute to greater vitality, mood and alertness.

Eighty percent of today’s seniors have at least one chronic health condition and 50% have at least two.

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Rishma’s ‘Yoga for Seniors’  uses slowed down and simplified yoga movements, easy to understand relaxation techniques and specific tailor-made stretching.

Sessions are preventative and therapeutic, contributing to reduced swelling in joints, increased joint mobility, restful sleep, improvements in cardiovascular health, digestion, circulation and elimination, as well as lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

Rishma and her team are highly trained, attentive, sensitive and knowledgeable about the diverse range of age-related health issues that Senior’s can face today, such as arthritis, spinal stenos is, hip and knee replacement, heart disease, high cholesterol, vision and eye health, Alzheimer’s, pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, joint replacement, osteoporosis, and even palliative care.

We take pride in tailoring our Yoga routines and self care techniques to meet each individual’s highest and greatest needs. We are here to inspire health, happiness and a state of awakened peaceful living.