Couples Yoga

couples yogaGive yourself and your partner a well-deserved holiday from the wear and tear of daily stressors that can put unwanted strain on any loving relationship and get a pampered dose of mind-body-soul stretching and strengthening Yoga (Mind-Body-Breath Union) into your system!

With these Yoga sessions couples are introduced to the power and use of simple yoga poses and yogic philosophy for stress relief and rejuvenation from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.


You will learn Yoga sequences, Successful Relationship Sun Salutations and energetic healing techniques, which will ramp up the positive spirit of your relationship and heighten the energy between you.

The practice of certain techniques including partner poses, affirmations and mindfulness techniques will equip any couple with beneficial results and long-term benefits. Couples will receive a personalized Yoga Program by Rishma to follow and implement into their schedule as a “go to” activity to do with each other to connect beyond words and thoughts to that place of intimacy that is true and devoid of difficulties.

Put the stress that falls on your relationship on the back-burner where it can dissolve as you reach a higher place in your implementation, realization and connection to each other. Perfect Wedding or Anniversary gift!