Private Yoga


Private Yoga with Rishma is the perfect opportunity for individuals to engage in the transformational and therapeutic mind-body health system that is Yoga. Rishma will inspire you to get into the flow of yoga so you can reach new possibilities with strength, endurance, balance, stillness and movement. Rishma teaches you the physical, mental and spiritual practice of Yoga either at your home or at Rishma’s downtown home-studio. Clients will benefit from Rishma’s deep knowledge of Yoga’s powerful healing and rejuvenating systems to bring lasting happiness, renewal and peace.

With her warm and intuitive spirit, Rishma presents Yoga in a manner that is easy to understand and apply to daily life. Drawing from her vast repertoire of Yoga Asanas (physical postures), meditation, breathing techniques, Reiki and chakra energy healing, Rishma is able to create a perfectly balanced practice for you.

Students are taught personalized sequences for everyday life including modified versions for all body types, and a host of special meditations that unlock the brain’s highest potential. Each class builds upon the next, bringing more oxygen and vitality into the cells of your body to make you feel more youthful and centered. You will also be taught proven breath, meditation, visualization and affirmation techniques that when practiced can create extraordinary results. You will gain the ability to focus your mind and move beyond limitations toward lasting peace.