Corporate Yoga


Decreased work place stress greatly increases productivity & performance and pays off in dividends.

The goal of RishmaYoga’s Corporate Yoga Program is to provide yoga classes and workshops designed to increase well-being for optimal health, productivity and performance within the business environment for greater workplace optimization and success.

We help organizations become more vibrant and productive

corporate yoga

Corporate wellness initiatives are becoming more widespread and mainstream for many workplaces today. Business leaders are recognizing the stress reducing, energy enhancing benefits that on-site yoga and stress-relief techniques can bring to their employees. Healthier and more relaxed workers mean less money lost to sick days and drug benefit payments. Many employers are even benefiting from reduced health insurance rates by implementing wellness programs that include yoga.

Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation and stress management training and physical, mental and emotional fitness, which can have a powerful impact on overall office and company culture, performance and costs.

Yoga offers many physical & mental benefits including improved focus, reduced stress levels and greater ease in movement. It is an excellent practice to combat repetitive stress injuries or postural imbalances that occur from long periods of sitting at a desk or computer. Yoga gives the skills to manage stress effectively. In this way, yoga benefits the workplace by increasing energy levels, which increases productivity, improves attention span, the ability to focus, higher stamina levels and enhances team relations.

Yoga in your workplace can be a great way to combat stress, connect with your colleagues in a fun and relaxing setting and increase overall wellbeing and physical fitness. We at RishmaYoga have seen how providing your employees with a weekly opportunity to take a few minutes out of their busy and hectic lives to learn how to breathe and stretch pays off in dividends.

Why Use Yoga in the Workplace?

The corporate environment can be increasingly challenging and stressful. Working in an office or at a computer for prolonged periods of time can put strain on the neck, shoulder and back muscles, which in turn can lead to tension and stiffness. This tension can cause headaches, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain that can change the mood and temperament of the individual causing a breakdown in productivity. Even short sessions of yoga stretches can release muscle tension and alleviate pains and aches, bringing up the mood and energy levels of those practicing and learning to incorporate easy and effective techniques to daily routines. Yoga is accessible to participants of all levels from beginner to advanced and can be modified to each individuals needs.

Benefits Include:

•Lower healthcare costs and a decrease in frequency & duration of absenteeism
 • Increased energy levels, memory, focus, concentration, flexibility, efficiency, productivity & creativity
 • Improved focus under deadline
 • Improved mindset, morale and loyalty • Enhanced physical and mental strength, proper posture and mental, emotional health.

Mindfulness practices that improve team communication.

On-site yoga can relieve employee feelings of burnout.

Improved employee job satisfaction and sense of community

Postural improvement for prevention of aches and pains

Strengthening for greater resistance to stress

Breathing techniques to energize or calm the mind & body

• Decreased chronic pain, decreased stress, muscle tension, employee fatigue & back pain
• decreased employee disease risk factors

One class a week will develop concentration, focus and mental strength and flexibility. It strengthens the immune system, improving energy levels thus reducing absenteeism from work. It also compliments your working community and team building efforts, and provides staff members time for personal and professional development. Everyone benefits.

Breathing techniques to energize or calm the mind & body



How To Start Corporate Yoga